The Regulatory Landscape for AI-generated Content in EdTech

I was recently interviewed as a legal expert as part of a study conducted at Technical University of Munich (TUM) about the legal challenges and regulatory frameworks for the use of AI in EdTech (Education Tech).

This is an excerpt from this Interview about the regulatory landscape in Germany for using AI-generated content in EdTech (both business and public/school sector use).

In summary: The 7 most important legal regulations for using AI-generated content in EdTech in Germany:

  1. IP law (specifically § 44b Act on Copyright and Related Rights)
  2. Data Protection Law
  3. AI Act
  4. NIS2 and Cyber Resilience Act
  5. Contractual obligations (like NDAs)
  6. Trade Secrets (Act on the Protection of Trade Secrets)
  7. Fernunterrichtsschutzgesetz (Federal Act on Safeguarding Remote Lectures and Lessons)